This page and its sub-pages will hopefully make our coaches' jobs a little easier.


Volunteer & CORI Forms

Coaches are required by the Town of Brookline to complete a CORI form and return the signed document with a visible copy of their driver's license to the Town of Brookline Recreation Department.


Attn: Jon Lewitus

Assistant Director

Brookline Recreation

133 Eliot Street

Brookline, MA 02467



Tournament information & links


Coaching videos, tips & clinics


Metrowest Basketball League (homepage link) rules are based on MIAA/Federation High School rules except as noted on the Metrowest website.


Coaches' Code of Conduct


  • Create a positive environment for player development. Coaches must believe that it is important to develop both the individual and the team 

  • Treat all of his/her players with respect 

  • Avoid exhibiting favoritism to any particular player(s) 

  • Create a common appreciation amongst all of the players for hard work, healthy competitive attitudes, sportsmanship and teamwork 

  • Conduct himself/herself with professionalism and serve as a role model in terms of sportsmanship for his/her team 

  • Refrain from actions or words that undercut the self-esteem of players from their own or opposing teams 

  • Never verbally or physically abuse any player. This is grounds for removal from a coaching position 

  • Not allow any players to make derogatory comments or to show disrespect to an opposing team’s players, parents or referees 

  • Support post-game exchanges of good sportsmanship between players and coaches

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