COVID -19 STATEMENT (11/18/2020)

MetroWest Travel Basketball is planning on playing season, beginning in January 2021

As of November 12, the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (the “EEA”) issued updated COVID-19 safety and re-opening standards that applied to youth sports. (Link: With those standards now allowing for “Competition” (i.e., games) for basketball, the MetroWest Travel Basketball League is forging ahead with its plans to operate this year. Among other things, the EEA standards require mandatory facial coverings for all sports and speak to capacity limits and social distancing requirements for indoor basketball competitions. We do not yet know what actual basketball rule modifications will be made. 

Not all of the specifics of the League operations are known at this time and a significant unknown is how many teams will be participating. The League has indicated a few expectations about the format:

  • Season will start in early January.

  • There will be 8 games over 9 weeks and then a two-week playoff window.

  • The League will gym rent sites to account for the fact that certain towns will not be able to host home games (which may apply to Brookline).

  • Games can be played not just on Sundays, but also Friday nights and Saturdays.

  • Team roster size limited to 12 players.

The Brookline Rec Department and the Brookline Basketball Association (“BBA”) are very motivated to offer an athletic outlet for kids during these upcoming winter months, including Travel basketball. The Rec Department does expect to be able to offer the Town’s other youth basketball programs - Joel Noe Rec League, Soule K-2 clinics, Rec-Plus, and High School Rec League - to Brookline kids.


Travel Basketball, however, is a more complicated program to deliver. The Travel program will look different than in years past given the many variables, constraints, and unknowns we need to manage. Presently, our planned Travel program will include:

  • Teams for Boys and Girls (who live in or attend school in Brookline) in grades five (5) through eight (8).

    • There will be no teams for 4th grade.

  • Teams from the 2019-2020 Travel season will be promoted by one grade this season. That means the following:

    • If your child played Travel last season, they will be offered a Travel roster position this season.

    • For example, with two (2) Boys 7th grade teams last season, there will be up to two (2) Boys 8th grade teams this season. Same approach for other grades for Boys and Girls.

    • We say “up to” because if the number of returning players is reduced by lower participation due to the pandemic, then we may adjust the number of teams downwards.

  • No large-scale tryouts.

    • Player placement will incorporate last season’s placement and the input of last season’s coaches at each grade level.

  • Amount of practice time is currently unknown. Weekly practice time could be significantly less than the typical two 90-minute practices.

  • Registration: The Rec Department will once again manage registration. As described above, with no tryouts and with limited teams, registration will only be open to last season’s players.

We would like to add that it is very important to set the right expectations for this season on many levels. First, the above represents a preliminary plan, subject to changes that can be imposed all the way from Governor Baker’s office down to the Brookline Health Department. The season could get cut short, games on a given weekend can be cancelled, and the actual travel aspect may look very different. There may be a lot more variability in skill level among teams in the same division. The quality of play may look different if practice time is diminished. But coaches, parents, and players will need to apply some different measures of the experience apart from wins and losses, points scored, etc. This is a chance for kids to spend time with their peers, to compete, and have fun playing a great game.

Parents will need to apply the same diligence and caution about their children’s health under the Brookline public schools’ current hybrid learning model to their children’s participation in Travel basketball each week. Your child may miss more games and/or practices than usual as a result. With all of the above being said, and recognizing the continuing challenge of making future decisions regarding your children’s activities, we would like you to use this Google form to pre-register your child(ren) for Travel basketball for the 2020-2021 season. Thank you.

Welcome to the Brookline Basketball Association (the "BBA") website. The BBA board was formed in 2015 to work alongside the Town of Brookline's Recreation Department to improve the experience of youth basketball in the town.


The two main Town-sponsored youth basketball programs are the Town Travel program, which competes against teams from throughout the Boston suburbs, and the Joel M. Noe Youth Recreation League, which consists of teams within Brookline only. Registration for both programs is administered by the Rec Department.

The Rec Department also offers Saturday clinics for boys and girls in grades K through 2 and also administers a recreational league at Brookline High School for students who are NOT members of the freshman, JV or varsity basketball teams.


This site will serve as a comprehensive information resource for players, parents and coaches regarding programs offered by the Town as well as other youth basketball playing and training opportunities available throughout the year.


The BBA is led by a group of volunteers with significant experience coaching youth basketball. The BBA is also supported by an Advisory Board including members of the basketball coaching staffs at Brookline High School.

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